School's Pennant
A.Dovydenas' "Cruising Sailing School"
The President of Yachting Union of Lithuania, is the Patron of the School

Aim: To coach Cruising Sailing in Internal and Offshore Waters.
Vision: Maritime culture should be "a must" for everybody's literacy in Lithuania.
Mission:: Unify people into sailing community.

School established in October 2005. Till 21st of April 2018, 1'163 trainees has passed theory courses, and 560 trainees has fulfilled offshore sailing practice (numbers are counted from 2007 till 7 of July 2018). 54 trainees already participated in lecture "Survival at Sea", mutualy held with Lithuanian Maritime Academy (SOLAS trainig according to IMO STCW 75 convention, counting from January 2011 till 2014-05-10). It's the only one Countrywide network-school that have affiliations in Vilnius and Klaipėda. Trainees may acquire same level of theoretical and practical experience in sailing where ever they are. All teachers are Certified to teach according to unified methodology of the School™, and trained according to SOLAS course.

Theory course (winter): 16 lessons during 7 Saturdays. 8 hours per Saturday each student is forced to spent in the class. Three films and 1212 slides (29 Mb) are looking for attention of trainees. Teaching process has been held according to the standard training program of Yachting Union of Lithuania: Boat construction, Sail trimming, Rigging, Rope work, Navigation, Practical navigation cases, Piloting, European Code of Internal Waterways and International Rules of Rode, Signaling, Meteorology, Radio, Ethics and Moral, First aid and Salvage, Traditions and the Law of the Sea.
Practical course (summer): There are two partners for practical training program during summer season. Special program, certified by Yachting Union of Lithuania laying in the base of coaching. Registration for Practical Course might be executed via "Pleasure Sailing School".
The School is participant of "Blue flag" program.
Nothing really matters but wind !

Main information about the School

2018-10-07. Next Sailing Courses in Vilnius from 5th of January 2019, in Klaipeda - from 2nd of February 2019.