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A.Dovydenas' "Pleasure Sailing School"

2007.06.08. First Crew of School started Gote Channel race on 26 of May from Klaipeda Old Castle Harbour. Race is ended on 8th of June in Goteborg (Sweden).

2006.12.23. 36 trainees have participated in Alumni Christmas Party on Saturday 23, 2006. Summer trips have been presented by Vygantas (lakes of Poland), Arturas (Norvegia and Sweden) and Thomas (trip from Germany to Klaipeda port with tall ship "Brabander"). Alumni guest Alfredas, the owner of "Alfa 47", made a presentation of next summer trip to Gote channel (Sweden).
2007.01.14. Klaipeda School affiliation is established. First courses will start on 20th of October 2007.

2007.06.20. On 29th of June all trainees have a party in cafe "Trobele" led by presentation of their adventures in Gote Channel this year.
Regattas' that School have Sponsored in 2008: "Fair Wind" regatta (Klaipeda 2008.05.31) "Queen of Whipsnakes" Regatta (Klaipeda-Visbi-Klaipeda 2008.06.29 - 2008.07.06)
2007.10.20. School affiliation in Klaipeda started activities on 20th of October 2007. Pictures: "Class environment" and (from left to right) School's manager Viktoras Golubovskis, Partner Marius Eidukevičius, honorary guest Captain Eimuntis Astikas, Partner Kastytis Bartusevičius.
School trainees from s/y "Soto".
School trainees on s/y "Barta".
- 2007.12.29. New Year party took place in Cafe "Trobele". 4 presentations has been done about last season adventures of trainees.
School founder Arturas Dovydenas with "Katarina Jee" crew.
1st crew: Klaipeda-Goteborg.
2nd crew: Goteborg-Klaipeda.
- 2008.08.11. Few pictures from 41st Curonian Lagoon regatta. School trainees successfully participated in regatta (from left to right): 1. "Siren" crew from sailing boat "Soto", captain Saulius Sukaitis, 3rd place in group 5; 2. School trainees within the crew of sailing boat "Barta", captain Simonas Steponavicius;. 3. School's founder Arturas Dovydenas within the Estonian crew of sailing boat "Katarina Jee", captain Mart Tamm, 1st place in 1st group, 3rd place in absolute rating of the fastest boat of Regatta.
- 2008.07.12. Almost 5 crews (41 trainee) fulfilled qualification races during the season of 2008.
Sea map of Internal waters of Curonian Lagoon.
- 2008.05.20. School has issued modern sea map of internal waters' of Curonian Lagoon (Lithuanian part). Depth measurements are gathered on the basis of sea map production agreement, signed with "The State company of internal waters of Lithuania", according to the International standard of sea map production INT-1. Coordinates are tired to the World Geodetic System standard WGS-84. The sea map is available in Klaipeda at the "Watski" shop in Old Town Harbor.
3rd crew: "Round the Gotland" regatta.
"Silky" race in late August 2008
- 2008.12.17. Christmas party of "Pleasure Sailing School" attracted 85 people. The Patron of School Robertas Dargis made short introduction, that was followed by interesting presentations: 1) motorboating via internal waters of France (Mr.Vaidevutis Margiris); 2) Long way from beginner till Captain of Sailing b oat (Mr.Arturas Sujetovas); 3) First impression from sailing, when wife was tempted to sail by her husband (Ms.Alma Cypiene); 4) Practical training 2008 (Mr.Arturas Dovydenas) with statistic (9 people in 2007; 42 people in 2008) and plans for the future (36 people in 2009).
The School is participant of "Blue flag" program.

- 2009.02.22. Already 7 people, that have finished "Pleasure Sailing School" courses, have rounded Cape Horn during Lithuanian World Mission with sailing boat "Ambersail" in 2009. That doesn't mean, that they have been trained to sail in the School. That means, that even profound people in sailing pay a lot of attention to the knowledge and self-training.

Linas Ivanauskas

Paulius Čitavičius

Regimantas Malakas

Gerardas Linauskas

Viktoras Golubovskis

Raimundas Daubaras

Darius Kremensas
- 2010.07.24. Great Journey of Pleasure Sailing School in Baltic Sea has been finished today. During 2 weeks' long trip 675 nautical miles are covered. Visited harbors: Klaipeda-Gudjem-Kristijansio-Kalmar-Byxelkrok-Vastervik-Visbi-Klaipeda. The highest experienced wind - 15 m/s. Warm weather and gently winds mostly dominated in July 2010, in general sufficient to sail and deficient for deep reefing. Trainees have proofed their ability to plan their journey: today in western Baltic is 22 m/s Northerly wind, gusting up to 28 m/s, but we are in the right place at the right time.

- 2010.07.01. Recently School trainees have finished their 4 weeks training in Croatia (Central Dalmatic). The short movie might be seen there (Save Target as..., and run this .mpg with Video player), or from You Tube. This year we have had wind up to 35 knts, rain, sun bathes etc. Successful experience in warm waters this year pushed our mind further and next year we are going to explore flotilla sailing experience also in Croatia. It's a marvelous water, friendly locals, good sea food and a lot of fun.

- 2010.08.11. Meeting with disabled childrens has place in Giruliai on 31st of July 2010. It's mutual prpject of "Pleasure Sailing School" and non-profit NGO "Kultūros artelė". During this meeting kids have had an oportunity to listen stories about sailing boat Ambersail (VOR 60 Assa Abloy) circumnavigation round the World in 2008-2009.

- 2010.02.17. BMI Alumni nomination for outstanding personal achievement and contribution to society have been awarded to Arturas Dovydenas, the owner of Pleasure Sailing School, as a member of the yacht “Ambersail” which circumnavigated the globe in 2009 as part of Lithuania’s millennium celebration.

- 2011.08.08. The year 2011 was extraordinary - sailing practice in Croatia staffed 63 trainees:
- 2013.01.10. Yesterday was held School's Christmas party and Penguin's award ceremony.

- 2012.09.23. Sailing practise "Aegean Spirit 2012" is over. All information will be presented for Members during School's Christmas Party. Cheers!

- 2012.07.29. Sailing practise "KBM Baltic Sea 2012" is over. Click on the picture with mouse to enlarge.

- 2012.07.01. "Adriatic Race 2012" (the first part of 3 in total this summer) is over. Some pictures are below.

- 2011.12.12. The 50 litas collector (commemorative) silver coin dedicated to the Olympic Games to be held in London next year issued by the Bank of Lithuania today features an Olympic sport – competitive yachting. There are stylized sails and thrice an inscription VĖJO (WIND WE NEED) on the edge of the coin.

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Archive of News 2006-2016
- 2013.07.31. The Baltic offshore practise is over.

- 2013.06.22. Offshore practice in Greece is over. 50 trainees has obtained new sailing skills.

- 2015.01.14. Pleasure Sailing School Cristmas Party 2014.

- 2014.03.21. All Coaches of Pleasure Sailing School has passed SOLAS training course according to IMO STCW 75 program.

- 2014.09.26. Offshore practise in Greece for the year 2014 is over.
- 2015.10.15. Pleasure Sailing School Teams in Seychelles, Greece and Baltic Sea during the season of 2015.

- 2016.09.01. Pleasure Sailing School Teams in Aegean and Baltic Seas. Season 2016.